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Ultimate Nickel Package

Ultimate Nickel Package

$380.00 CAD $434.00 CAD

The Ultimate Nickel package includes our popular two-handed 220N Evolution and one-handed 105N Evolution with anti-corrosion nickel sides as well as a bonus carbide replacement blade. 

1 x RALI 220N Evolution, 4 chrome blades included
1 x RALI 105N Evolution, 4 chrome blades included
1 x Carbide blade replacements for 105, 220, 260

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Michael Menkes
A very surprising update on the traditional plane

I bought this package because I’m a guitar builder who has struggled with sharpening and just wants to build. I can’t yet speak to the longevity of the replaceable blades but I like how this package included one premium blade as well as 4 replacements for the regular ones.
They are smoother to me than planes I’ve used in the past and I like how one small red lever up top allows me to retract the blade for storage but easily reset and adjust the blade for use, including some really minute adjustments to get just the right resistance and cut thickness of the material I am working on. Leveling large guitar bodies or planing edges for glue up joints is a daily thing. Pro tool. I’d think a pro would be just as happy with a replaceable blade over one that will need sharpening as time is more money than the replacement cost.
This was an ideal product for me.

Ray Cash
Nicely Engineered

I teach woodworking, and though I love traditional Western and Asian planes, it is sometimes difficult to teach my students how to tune them. These planes are pretty foolproof and offer--especially beginners--an alternative to planes that do the work enjoyably and without any fuss.

Keith Finlay
Great experience

Products were delivered faster than expected and the quality is top notch. Thank you