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RALI™ Hand Planes

The RALI Hand Plane, with disposable, quick-changing blades, is the modern woodworkers tool.

With the unique holding mechanism, you to change out a nicked or dull blade in seconds. Since the blade is automatically indexed to position, no setting or sharpening is required and each blade is double sided for twice the use. Once your blade is in, the depth of cut can be adjusted instantly by lever any time.

Click here to see a video of the RALI plane in action!

RALI Evolution

The RALI Evolution is designed for professionals with a heavier and stronger laminated base.

RALI Monobloc

RALI Monobloc Handplanes have a solid metal body making it lighter and more cost effective. Ideal for intermediate woodworkers.

To learn more, view our RALI instruction manual, or read more about the RALI Hand Planes here.

Replacement blades are available in Chrome Steel and Carbide.