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RALI™ Hand Planes

Spend more time woodworking and less time setting and sharpening with the RALI™ Hand Plane!

The RALI™ Hand Plane, with disposable, quick-changing blades, is the modern woodworkers tool.

The blade in the RALI™ plane is fastened by a unique clamping mechanism allowing you to change out a nicked or dull blade in seconds. This means there is no setting or sharpening required. Each blade has two cutting edges so it can be rotated for another use. In addition, you can instantly adjust the depth of cut from thick to thin planing by simply raising or lowering the red lever.

Replacement blades are available in Chrome Steel and Carbide, which you can find here.

RALI Evolution

The RALI Evolution is designed for professionals with an adjustable throat, and a heavier laminated base giving it more momentum and resistance to warping when dropped.

Please click here to see a video of the RALI Evolution in action!

RALI Monobloc

RALI Monobloc Handplanes have a sole made of one solid piece, unlike the Evolution, which features a laminated steel sole. This makes them more cost effective, but also lighter and more susceptible to bending or warping when dropped.

The Monobloc Handplanes are meant for the more casual woodworker, as a cost effective way to demonstrate the the RALI system.