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RALI™ Hand Planes

The RALI™ hand plane is an evolution of the traditional hand plane design featuring disposable blades that index to position and do not need to be sharpened or set.

Nicked blade on the job site? Turn the blade around in seconds and get back to work with ease.

Much like the Tersa planing system, it was designed to save time on tool maintenance and allow more time to woodwork.

RALI planes also feature instant blade adjustment by lever, allowing you to switch between thick and thin shavings instantly. Even the chip breaker height can be adjusted with a simple roller.

Lower the lever to deepen the pass:

Raise the lever for a shallower pass:

RALI Hand planes come in evolution models as well as monobloc models. The primary difference is that the evolution planes are higher-end, featuring a laminated steel sole that is heavier and more resistant to warping.

Evolution models also come with 4 chrome blades and an adjustable front plate on the 220 and 260 model, whereas monoblocs come with one blade and a fixed front plate.

Several models are offered on our RALI Hand Planes page here, and blade replacements are available in chrome steel or carbide here.

RALI rabbeting planes have a blade that reaches through to the edge of the plane allowing you to make chamfers and get into tight corners.

Check out one of our RALI hand plane videos here to see a demonstration or see our RALI hand plane instruction manual here.

More questions? Check out our RALI FAQ page here.