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The Tersa™ Planing System

Say goodbye to the old style planer knives and save money, time, and hassle by switching to the modern, Swiss-made Tersa™ Planer Knives
The old style corrugated planer knives are becoming a thing of the past. They take too long to change, set, and sharpen. It can take up to 30 minutes per head to change a 4-sided Planer machine.

Because of their unique design, Tersa Knives can be changed in seconds, and don't require sharpening!

Used with the Tersa Planer Head, knives are slid in from the side and clamped by centrifugal force and gib wedges, leaving no set screws to deal with. In addition, a consistent knife height eliminates the need for any height adjustment. 
Most standard planer, jointer, or moulder heads can be swapped out for a Tersa head of the same size. Try our online quoting tool for Tersa heads here.
Tersa Planer Knives are two sided and are used on each side before they are recycled. They are ultra-light and don't need sharpening.
Shop Online Now: HSS, M+Carbide and Chrome Steel
Not sure which knife material is right for you? See our recommended material for common wood species here.
More questions? Read our Tersa FAQ page here.