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RALI™ Hand Planes FAQ

What Is the RALI Hand Plane?

The RALI hand plane is an evolution of the traditional hand plane design featuring disposable blades that index to position and do not need to be sharpened or set. 

Check out one of our RALI hand plane videos here to see a demonstration.

What Are the Main Advantages of the RALI Hand Planes?

  1. Takes seconds to change and set a blade
  2. Instant blade depth adjustment by lever
  3. No sharpening, setting to square

Taking a RALI onto a job site can be very convenient, for instance if a blade gets nicked on the site, it can be replaced in seconds.

Students or new woodworkers can pickup a RALI and start woodworking immediately as it takes little expertise. The blade can also be retracted for safety purposes.

Where Can I Find Instructions for the RALI Hand Planes?

Each RALI hand plane comes with an instruction booklet outlining the features. You can find an electronic version here

There are also video demonstrations of the RALI Hand planes as well as reviews from reputable YouTube woodworkers on our videos page here.

What Are the Differences Between the RALI Evolution and Monobloc Models?

The evolution models have a heavier laminated steel base that gives the plane more momentum and durability, whereas the monobloc models are one piece of steel making them lighter and more cost effective.

We offer the 260, 220, and 105 evolution and the 260 and 105 monobloc as well as rabbeting evolution planes G03, G30, and B30.

Evolution models come with 4 chrome steel knives, whereas monoblocs come with one. The 260 and 220 evolution models allow front plate position adjustment as well.

How Much Do Replacement Blades Cost?

Replacement blades come in chrome steel in packs of 5 for $5.90 CAD per blade, or carbide for $39.50 CAD per blade. Carbide blades last much longer and are great for extended use on hardwoods.

Each evolution hand plane comes with 4 chrome steel blades included for a total of 8 cutting sides.

How Long Do Blades Last?

Depending on the wood being planed, each cutting edge should last hundreds of board feet, with each edge costing about $3.00 CAD to replace making the RALI planes economical.