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Tersa™ Planer Head

Have you considered upgrading to the Tersa™ System?

Switching to the light weight, noise reducing Tersa Cutter Head will enhance your planing experience, as changing a knife has never been so easy. With the Tersa system there is no setting, sharpening or screws required. A full blade change can be completed in less than a minute! 

To see a video of just how fast a knife change is with the Tersa system, please click here.

Teersa Cutterheads
With a Tersa Cutter Head, you will be able to choose your Tersa planer blades according to your needs and with our selection of HSS (High Speed Steel), M+, Chrome steel and Carbide Tersa planer knives. This allows for much more versatility in both wood types and finishes. 
The Tersa head can be retrofitted to most machines. For a quote on a planer head that fits your needs, use our online calculator or contact us with the following information:
  • Machine Brand
  • Machine Type
  • RPM
  • Diameter, Length, Bore

      Tersa Planer Heads are high quality products manufactured in Switzerland and are made of stacked aluminum layers for light weight and steel layers for hardiness. 

      We also offer Tersa Wedges, in both the "standard" and "E93" styles. For a quote please contact us with the length of your machine, the amount of knives and the style of wedge you'd be interested in ordering.

                                        Cross Section of E93 and Standard Tersa Wedges

      With over 25 years experience in the Timber Framing Industry, we offer professional service and are more than happy to discuss your company's needs. We are a Canadian Company based in Ontario. 

      Learn more about the Tersa system here.