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Tersa™ Planer Head

Have you considered upgrading to the Tersa™ System?
With the Tersa™ Cutter Head R2000, you will be able to choose your Tersa™ planer blades according to your needs and by using HSS (High Speed Steel) or M42+ Tersa™ planer knives, you will lower operational expenses.
Tersa™ planer heads with aluminum slices for light weight and steel slices for hardiness, a tool designed to fit most machines.  
For a quote on a planer head that fits your need, please contact us with the following information:
  • Machine Brand
  • Machine Type
  • RPM
  • Diameter, Length, Bore
Switching to the light weight, noise reducing Tersa™ Cutter Head R2000 will expand your planing experience, and changing a knife has never been so easy.
Tersa™ Planer Knives are high quality products manufactured in Switzerland. Precision Tersa™ Planer Blades are suitable for Tersa™ Knife system, thicknesser and automatic molders.
With over 25 years experience in the Timber Framing Industry, we offer professional service and are more than happy to discuss your company's needs. We are a Canadian Company based in British Columbia.