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RALI Hand Planes

The Rali™ Hand plane, with interchangeable blades, is the modern woodworkers tool. The planes come in two different styles: “Evolution” for the professional woodworker and "Monobloc" for more casual use. The main difference between them is that the Evolution has a stronger laminated base providing more momentum and giving resistance to warping when dropped.
Its ergonomic design and light weight makes it a favorite in the tool box. If the blade gets dull or nicked while on a job, it can be replaced within seconds. Thanks to its clever design, no wood chips get caught between the blade and holder. The blade in the Rali™ plane is fastened by a unique clamping mechanism and is completely sealed.

Each blade has two cutting edges so it can be rotated and used on both sides. Replacement blades are available in Chrome Steel and Hard metal, which you can find here.

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