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Save Money With Tersa Knives

Here at Tersaknives Inc., we try our hardest to ensure our valued customers get the best service and prices possible.

We have our prices structured with the customers and our benefit in mind. This is the reason why we keep our prices competitive and fair. No need to invest in a large inventory and waste space that can be used otherwise.

With Tersa™ Planer Knives we feel confident, that this is a product that has an excellent price/value ratio.

Made from High Speed Steel, Tersa™ Knives have a remarkable heat resistance which can keep the metal hard even under extreme temperatures. The knives are two sided, each side with identical cutting edge. The angle of the edge varies on different blade types, which provides a choice to the professional woodworker, depending on the sort of wood that is being worked on.

The Tersa™ HSS Planer Knife has a lower angle, used on soft wood, and the Tersa™ M42+ Knife has a steeper angle that makes it more durable, for hard wood. Successful business owners choose Tersa™ planer knives because they know that they will get quality at a reasonable prize and top performance.

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