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Save Production Time With Tersa Knives

Every owner/manager is looking for ways to optimize work flow and production. Tersa™ planer knives increase your production time therefore saving you money in many ways:

There's No Need to Sharpen them. Made from High Speed Steel, Tersa™ knives are ultra-thin and two sided. Each side is used before the knife is recycled. This eliminates the need for sharpening, saving both time and the cost of a grinding machine.

The Blades can be changed in minutes. Because of Tersa™ knives unique design, the blades can be changed in minutes... The machine will be running again in no time! This results in minimal work flow interruption on the shop floor, saving valuable production time.

There's no need for adjustment. Used with the Tersa cutter head, knives are clamped by centrifugal force and gibb wedges, leaving no screws to deal with. No time is wasted setting the planer knives to the correct height and no more endless test runs on practice wood. A consistent cutter head diameter and knife height eliminates the need for adjustment, getting it right every time without hassle.

Tersa™ Knives are used by woodworkers around the world. We proudly offer genuine Tersa™ Planer Knives to ensure our customers get top quality and performance. Our Tersa™ Planer Knives have the Tersa™ name etched on the blades and are packaged in a distinctive cardboard sleeve.

Precision Tersa™ Planer Knives are suitable for Tersa™ system planers, thicknessers, and automatic molders, etc. Tersa™ Planer Knives are a high quality product made for professionals.

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