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Tersa Chrome Steel Planer Knives

Tersa Chrome Steel Planer Knives

Knives are sold and priced per blade.
Please contact us for sizes that are not on the list.
We can custom cut to any length.

$2.50 CAD

Chrome Steel Tersa™ Planer Knives are offered at a lower price than HSS and M+. Intended for working with soft woods and less likely to chip if used on dirty wood. 

Tersa™ Planer Knives are high quality products manufactured in Switzerland. Precision Tersa™ Planer Blades are suitable for Tersa™ Knife systems in planers, thicknessers, and automatic molders, etc.

Your Order will be processed within 1-2 Business days. Prices shown are per knife.

We offer free Shipping on Chrome Steel orders of $250 or more.

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